Vikki Card

Head of Banking Operations

Vikki has worked at Law Debenture since 1989 on a wide variety of arrangements such as securitisations, escrows, employee share option schemes, cash management, project finance transactions and other trust arrangements in the capacity of trustee, facility agent, escrow agent, administrator and cash manager.  

As Head of Banking Operations she ensures that the daily cash flows are processed effectively. She has also had exposure to foreign exchange, equities and money market transactions.  Vikki passed the full Investment Management Certificate (IMC) in 2001.

Vikki’s previous responsibilities included initially New Business documentation and subsequently Trust Administration where she was responsible for the smooth running of various trust arrangements which included current file work and amendments to existing documentation and where required, liaising with lawyers.

From 1987 to 1989 she worked at Midland Bank Plc (now HSBC) which involved mainly back office duties for the branch, including daily cash reconciliations.