The Modern Slavery Act 2015

Law Debenture Group Statement

Law Debenture is a service provider. Its supply chain represents the steps taken to get our services to a customer.

While Law Debenture is committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in its corporate activities, it believes that its supply chains are of low risk as suppliers, for the most part, are professional advisory firms. Law Debenture has reviewed the supply chains across the group. Law Debenture’s organisational structure and activities are described each year in the annual report of The Law Debenture Corporation p.l.c. (available here), including the countries in which it is established (see page 2 of the annual report). None of the activities listed is considered to be at high risk of slavery or human trafficking in its supply chains.

All of Law Debenture’s employees have access to confidential whistleblowing arrangements which make it easy for them to make disclosures, without fear of retaliation, if an employee has any concerns about Law Debenture’s supply chain. Law Debenture only uses suppliers -generally, this means legal advisers, financial advisers, accountants and other professional firms - of the highest repute and of appropriate regulatory status.

February 2017

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