Financial Statements

Each year, we publish a number of financial statements:

  • Our annual report and financial statements
  • The half yearly report (previously known as interim results)
  • Periodic financial reporting obligations.

Annual Report and Half Yearly Report

The annual report and financial statements are circulated to shareholders in March each year.

The half yearly report (previously known as the interim report) is circulated to shareholders in August each year.

Copies of all annual and half yearly reports for the years 2002-2016 inclusive are available by clicking the respective tabs to the left. You will need to register your e-mail details in order to access these reports, but having done so once, you may download as many of the reports as you wish.

Periodic Financial Reporting

Under the UK Listing Authority Disclosure and Transparency Rules, we are required to produce an annual financial report and a half yearly financial report. The annual financial report is not the same document as the annual report and financial statements.

Rather, it is a précis of the main financial highlights, along with certain other regulatory disclosures. While the annual report and financial statements are sent to all shareholders on the register, the annual financial report is only published through regulatory news sites.The same applies to the half yearly report.

We were required, until 2014, to produce quarterly interim management statements (for the quarters ended March and September). These were relatively brief and contained information that we were required to publish under the rules. Like the annual and half yearly reports, the interim management statements were not circulated to shareholders, but were published through regulatory news sites.

We will retain all periodic financial reports on our website for five years and they are available via the tabs to the left, again subject to a one-off capture of your e-mail details.

The obligation to produce these reports first arose in 2008. Note that since December 2014, there is no longer an obligation to publish interim statements for the March and September quarters.

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