Financial Calendar and Dividend Payments

Financial Calendar

Year End 31 December
Full year results End February/early March
Report and accounts published March
Annual general meeting April
Final dividend payment Late April
Interim results End July
Interim dividend payment Mid-September

Dividend Payments

Ordinary Shares Final  
  Announced end February/early March

Record date mid-March

Payment date late April
Ordinary Shares Interim  
  Announced end July

Record date early August

Payment date mid-September

6.125% Guaranteed Secured Bonds due 2034

Interest paid in April and October

3.77% Senior Secured Notes due 2045

Interest paid in March and September 

Dividend History

Year Interim Dividend Final Dividend Total Dividend
2000 2.60p 4.20p 6.80p
2001 2.66p 4.24p 6.90p
2002 2.66p 4.24p 6.90p
2003 2.66p 4.24p 6.90p
2004 2.80p 4.75p 7.55p
2005 3.10p 5.95p 9.05p
2006 3.40p 7.10p 10.50p
2007 4.00p 8.00p 12.00p
2008 4.20p 8.00p 12.20p
2009 4.20p 8.00p 12.20p
2010 4.20p 8.50p 12.70p
2011 4.50p 9.00p 13.50p
2012 4.50p 9.75p 14.25p
2013 4.50p 10.50p 15.00p
2014 4.70p 11.00p 15.70p
2015 5.20p 11.00p 16.20p
2016 5.20p 11.50p 16.70p 
2017 5.50p 11.80p 17.30p
2018 6.00p*    

 * Payable 7 September 2018 to shareholders on the register at 10 August 2018.

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