Sole Trustee service seminar

13 December 2013

At a recent breakfast seminar, jointly hosted with Mercer and Fidelity Investments, John Nestor, on behalf of LawDeb Pension Trustees, presented our Sole Trustee service: an alternative governance approach for small and medium sized pension schemes.

An invited audience heard John outline the potential benefits of appointing a sole trustee in place of a traditional trustee board and reasons why LawDeb Pension Trustees are particularly suited to the role.

Mercer highlighted why fiduciary management can provide an alternative model for scheme governance and Fidelity Investments gave an insight into investment and market risks.  

Speaking after the event, John stressed how the Sole Trustee service can help the sponsors with the management of their legacy pension schemes.  “In the current environment, change is inevitable for many schemes.  For many scheme sponsors appointing us as a sole trustee is an effective and efficient solution to the challenges they face.”

For more information on the seminar, please do not hesitate to contact John Nestor.

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