LawDeb Pension Trustees Debate 2014

23 May 2014

This House believes that independent investment consultants are better placed than fund managers and investment banks to provide investment advice to pension schemes.


The annual LawDeb Pension Trustees’ Debate swayed views on the matter with the final vote showing that 55% continued to favour independent consultants – down from 74% at the outset. The Debate started with a secret ballot on the motion. 74% of the invited audience of senior pension professionals agreed with the motion with 26% disagreeing.  

These results were not disclosed until after the second vote taken at the end of the debate. The outcome, still in favour of independent consultants, had shifted to 55% in favour with 45% against.

The Debate was chaired for the first time by The Lord Balfe of Dulwich.  The motion was supported by Hilary Salt and Paul Haines and opposed by Judith Donnelly and Andrew Tunningley.

We were pleased to welcome many eminent figures in the pension world to the debate and delighted so many of them participated with insightful points before the final vote was taken.

In his closing remarks Mark Ashworth, Chair of LawDeb Pension Trustees, thanked Lord Balfe for chairing the Debate and for bringing his flair and expertise to it.  He concluded by sharing his belief that the quality of the Debate had confirmed it as an important fixture in the pensions calendar and looked forward to welcoming participants to the 10th Debate next year.

For further information about LawDeb Pension Trustees, please follow this link.

To view a selection of photos form the debate, please click on the links below:

The Lord Balfe of Dulwich – debate chairman

Mark Ashworth – Chair, LawDeb Pension Trustees, who introduced and concluded the debate

The speakers

The audience  


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