ICI Pension Fund - completion of further buy-ins

03 November 2015

Michael Chatterton, the director who represents LawDeb Pension Trustees as the independent professional trustee of the ICI Pension Fund comments on the completion of 4 further buy-ins over the past year that take its total benefits insured to over £5bn.

He concurred with the Fund's chief executive Heath Mottram views that the recent transactions furthered the strategy to manage risk and added security for members.

From the trustee perspective Michael was keen to stress how the ability to complete deals quickly was key to ensuring the Fund could take advantage of opportunities when pricing moves in favour of the Fund.

Michael comments:

the innovative governance and execution structure we developed has allowed us to conclude deals as favourable market conditions emerge. We have built a strong team of advisers and developed significant knowledge within the trustee group which has allowed us to execute quickly and decisively.

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