Law Debenture selected for Standard Repackaging Documentation initiative

13 June 2017

Standard Repackaging Documentation initiative and Palladium Global Investments S.A.

Law Debenture are delighted to recently have been selected along with a small number of other trustees to provide our services in relation to the Standard Repackaging Documentation initiative. We are the only independent trustee to have been invited to participate in this important market initiative and have demonstrated the benefit of our deep knowledge and experience of the repackaging market in providing key input into the development of the documentation.

It is hoped that the initiative (more details on which can be found here) will mark a new era in the European repackaging market. The intended benefits of the initiative include:

    • establishing an industry-standard approach to the documentation of repackaging transactions
    • providing greater transparency to investors with standardised contracts and the ability to compare pricing across different arrangers;
    • increased speed to market on listed trades;
    • provision for timely replacement of transaction parties; and
    • providing greater awareness of the repackaging market.

Following on from this, Law Debenture has been appointed as trustee by Deutsche Bank on the first issuance off its newly established repackaging programme, Palladium Global Investments S.A., on 13 June 2017.

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