Photos: The Law Debenture Lens 2018

The evening was captured by a photographer - click an image below to enlarge and launch the carousel.

LAWDEB LENS 301018-130.jpg
View from the venue
LAWDEB LENS 301018-78.jpg
Admiring a staff entry
LAWDEB LENS 301018-84.jpg
Another staff entry getting guests talking
LAWDEB LENS 301018-141.jpg
The Great Outdoors category in full
LAWDEB LENS 301018-106.jpg
In full swing
LAWDEB LENS 301018-172.jpg
LawDeb CEO Denis Jackson presenting the prizes
LAWDEB LENS 301018-176.jpg
A rapt audience
LAWDEB LENS 301018-115.jpg
Discussing the shortlist
LAWDEB LENS 301018-107.jpg
LAWDEB LENS 301018-137.jpg
A 2017 staff entry gracing the cover of a LawDeb publication
LAWDEB LENS 301018-149.jpg
Views from the terrace
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