Debt Trustee

Global affinity and comprehensive insight

Law Debenture’s appointments and unrivalled experience cover the whole spectrum of issuance in the international capital markets, including:

  • Autonomous, multinational and large corporate borrowers
  • Secured corporate issues
  • Convertible issues
  • High yield bonds in emerging markets
  • Securitisations and highly structured issues
  • Medium term note programmes

Defaulted issues and reformations

Law Debenture has considerable experience of acting on many high profile defaulted issues; both as incumbent and successor trustee. This means that we have a comprehension of local law-governed security in a range of different jurisdictions, as well as an active participation in numerous re-structuring arrangements.

The value of independence

In comparison to other trust companies owned by financial institutions, Law Debenture is completely independent. Our independence means that we do not have any financial or other involvement on any transaction which might cause a conflict of interest to arise. Often we are appointed for this very reason.

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