Security Trustee

International Capability 

Law Debenture has a long history of acting as a security trustee all over the world when dealing with:

  • Secured issues of all types in the international capital markets
  • Syndicated loans funding large capital and infrastructure projects
  • Vendor and secured bank financing on mergers and acquisition transactions
  • Funding by supranational development banks and export credit agencies.

Vast experience

Our experience arises from having held registered and enforced security when working with local counsel, (as well as under the provisions of local law). We have undertaken this in many different jurisdictions where legal procedures, concepts and requirements are often very different.

The variety of assets held securely by Law Debenture in different countries is very significant. They range from:

  • Hydro-electric power stations
  • Oil pipelines
  • Steel mills and gold mines 
  • Shares in operating companies engaged in many different businesses, different types of commercial real estate and the benefit of contractual rights and obligations.
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