Employee Share Scheme

Offering a tailored service for individual employer-requirements

Employee Share Schemes

Awarding shares to senior employees and directors is frequently a very important part of the overall remuneration package and can be very important in terms of incentivising and retaining key staff.

At Law Debenture we are experts in setting up and managing share award schemes for public companies, from initial documentation (Rules of the Scheme, Trust Deed, etc.), through to managing the mechanics of shares awards, such as: purchasing shares to be put in trust; managing dividends and scrip distributions and the allotment of shares to the nominated beneficiaries during the vesting period (usually over a period of several years).  We are well versed in the Listing Rules and trust law and can tailor the scheme to meet the needs of the employer and the employees.

Law Debenture has many years of invaluable experience setting up Share Award Schemes.

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