Escrow Services

Law Debenture delivers a prompt, adaptable and autonomous service

Law Debenture provides an array of specialist escrow services and is able to act as escrow agent through its offices in Hong Kong, London and Jersey.

Escrow requirements most frequently arise in M&A situations where the transaction consideration or retention monies, need to be held by an independent and completely trustworthy third party. The escrow agent will ensure that such monies are not released until specific pre-identified conditions have been fulfilled.

Law Debenture manages documentary escrow situations, frequently involving shares, share transfers and share options. We also hold proprietary IT software or intellectual property pending patent or license approvals.

We have standard documents for efficient and timely execution of escrow arrangements and are completely familiar with relevant AML regulations and KYC procedures.

Escrows can range from simple to more complex, but here at Law Debenture, we are happy to tailor an escrow solution to meet your needs.

We would be delighted to talk through the nature of your requirements and provide a quotation upon request.

Standard form documentation may be downloaded by completing the escrow application form.

Please contact us by email or telephone:

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Hong Kong Contact: 
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Richard Rance:
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