What is an ISDA Process Agent?

An ISDA Process Agent is a third party appointed to provide service of process for one of the two parties engaged in an ISDA master agreement.

ISDA Master Agreements

The ISDA master agreement is a document agreed between two parties and sets out standard terms that apply to all the transactions entered into between those parties.

As part of a framework, it is used to document transactions between parties in different jurisdictions and/or those in different currencies fully and flexibly. This over-riding agreement between a bank and a corporate entity allows you to secure an exchange rate in advance of a transaction occurring.

ISDA agreements are the most widely used master service agreement for OTC (over the counter) derivative transactions internationally.

Why do I need a Process Agent for an ISDA master agreement?

By its nature, an ISDA master agreement will involve entities in multiple locations – however, you may not have a physical location in all of the relevant countries.

Law Debenture can act as a Process Agent in these cases, providing service of process for your ISDA documentation.

What are the benefits of an ISDA master agreement?

Due to the ability to secure an exchange rate in advance of the transaction, you can accurately calculate your returns without the uncertainty caused by exchange rate fluctuations.

Once your Master ISDA agreement has been set up, there will be no need for additional negotiations for future transactions. This allows you to save time and money. At Law Debenture, we only charge for the Master ISDA Agreement and not for the CSAs (Credit Support Annex) associated with the ISDA.

Appoint an ISDA Process Agent

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