What is Service of Process?

Service of Process refers to the delivery of legal documentation from one party to another, usually in the case of an international transaction where one party does not have a physical presence or address in the country where the business is legally taking place.

What is a Process Server?

In the above situation, a process server would be the party responsible for serving the legal documentation to another party.

What is a Service of Process Agent?

Also known as a registered agent or resident agent in the US, a process agent is appointed to receive service of process on behalf of a party that is being served papers in a jurisdiction where they have no physical address.

Is a Service of Process Agent a legal requirement?

You may be thinking that you will never have to default on your arrangements, so why would you need a service of process agent?

Having a process agent isn’t a legal requirement but it can be a contractual requirement and it protects both parties and ensures that, no matter what happens, there are no delays or additional costs involved in any legal process that may need to occur.

Additionally, it’s impossible to predict with absolutely certainty what situation you will be in six months or more down the line. While you may have no intention or expectation of defaulting, it’s best to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

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