For the Client

Initial contact

We meet to discuss your needs and expectations and talk with any parties you wish us to; this may include staff associations, trade unions and other interested groups.

We discuss the message you wish to convey to staff and suggest various advertising strategies within the workplace.  Once this is agreed we assist in the design of and if necessary, the production of various advertising materials such as posters, information leaflets and cards, in-house publications, mouse mats etc.

We recommend that, following the initial impact created by the introduction of Safecall, advertising material is introduced on a gradual basis to ensure maximum effect.  A free staff survey is available, usually after nine months, to gauge staff awareness and attitudes to the service.

Your role

It is vital to the success of the service that it is supported from the very top of an organisation and such support is made clear to all members of staff.

We suggest that clients identify a suitable sponsor, such as the head or deputy head of the organisation; this person will then include a personal endorsement of the service at the launch and within some of the advertising materials.  This will include an opportunity to re endorse company policy on the treatment of staff who report legitimate concerns, and a reminder of all internal and external methods of reporting.  The next step is to appoint someone with overall responsibility for overseeing reports and a person, or persons, who receive reports on a day to day basis.

The person overseeing the calls should report to the main board or management group and have sufficient authority within the organisation to ensure matters are dealt with expeditiously. In a number of public companies this role is undertaken by the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

The person, or persons, who receive reports from Safecall often come from a Legal, Human Resource or Security background. Their role is to ensure that reports are allocated to appropriate persons for action.  This is an important role and is vital if the service is to maintain credibility and does not merely mirror internal procedures. Advice can be provided to clients on the best approach to this issue.

Our role

Call Handlers will use recognised interview techniques to obtain the full facts of the matter and any available corroborative or supportive evidence.

Our operating procedures guarantee anonymity for those staff members who choose to avail themselves of this option.  As a result we do not tape record calls but make handwritten notes during interviews.

If a caller chooses to remain anonymous they are encouraged to re contact us at a pre-arranged time and date to enable us to ask further questions prompted by the client or to receive any appropriate feedback.

Once full details are obtained a written report is prepared for clients.  On occasions a matter may be so urgent that a client will receive an immediate verbal report followed by the written report.

Reports are forwarded by whatever means the client chooses. However we recommend the use of emails using PGP 128 bit encryption (data encryption programme for added security of content).  Statistical reports are available for clients over an agreed timescale. 

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