For the Caller

Step 1
The service is advertised in the workplace.

Step 2
Callers can contact us free of charge, 24 hours a day, by telephone, website, email etc.

Step 3
Our unique automatic translation service is available for non-English speakers.

Step 4
Call handlers, who each have over 25 years’ experience talking to witnesses, explain how the service works before any information is taken.

Step 5
Callers are put at ease and a full account of any concern is obtained. (Call handlers have the necessary investigatory experience and skills required by the Private Security Industry Act 2001. See FAQ's).

Step 6
The call handler reiterates how the system will work, again explaining what happens next, confirms the content of the report, who will receive the report and makes arrangements for future contact by the caller, Safecall or the client.

Step 7
A full and comprehensive written report is sent to the client within 24hrs.

Step 8
Communications are maintained with the caller if appropriate.

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