What is a Process Agent Appointment Letter?

A Process Agent Appointment Letter is a document that can act as evidence of the relationship between your agent for service of process and you – the appointing party.

The official governance of this documentation provides evidence that legal proceedings on behalf of a party – that is without an address within the UK - have been submitted to this jurisdiction.

Why is a Process Agent appointment letter important?

Your appointment letter is vital because it provides the mandatory information when you are dealing with other parties. It will specify:

  • The name of the appointing party
  • The name of the Process Agent
  • The address where notice can be served
  • The legal documents the Service of Process Agent has agreed to act upon

Essentially, a Process Agent appointment letter is important because it provides a simple, objective and official way of confirming the information above. You will often be required to provide your appointment letter, as a conditional precedent, before legal documents can be executed.

You can either download the appointment letter or email us at sop@lawdeb.com and we will forward the appointment letter to you so that it can be completed and submitted to us for acceptance/countersignature. Remember to keep the appointment letter in a memorable safe place.

At Law Debenture, we have been providing our services for over 40 years. We have extensive skills and experience in the field of service of process, so when you bring us on board as your process agent you get access to the experts. When the need arises, we will be there to deliver.

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