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In the United Kingdom, we have a very experienced team, with a broad array of expertise and experience

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While much of our work involves structured finance (particularly securitisation), we pride ourselves in our ability to find innovative solutions for other corporate or capital markets complexities that require the involvement of an independent third party of unsurpassed reputation.

A snapshot of the products for which we currently provide services includes: 

  • Asset backed structures – ABS/MBS, LPN structures, etc.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, where we operate SPVs to hold and exercise special voting rights in complex mergers 
  • Loan financing 
  • Real property ownership structures 
  • Infrastructure project company administration 
  • Capital project financing, including in emerging markets 
  • Corporate governance advice 
  • Company secretary for listed and non-listed entities
  • Registrar services 
  • Independent data room services
  • Share Nominee Services
  • Backup servicer facilitator
  • Backup cash manager facilitator
  • Backup account bank facilitator

We only act for genuine corporates or capital markets clients and do not offer a nameplate/ registered office-only service.

For many decades, Law Debenture has been renowned for its willingness to consider helping out in cutting edge or unusual deals. Our corporate services team is no exception and we have frequently helped customers formulate boutique solutions where an SPV is a legitimate and sensible answer to a particular problem.

For more details about the individual services that we offer, please download the UK services document from this page.

If you want to see who we are, take a look at the Team Members page. And of course, should you wish to discuss any aspect of the services we provide, please do e-mail or telephone us by using our Contact page.

All of our staff are experts in company management and administration and will be pleased to discuss your needs. Our services can be tailored to specific proposals or situations and we are very flexible should you require a ’boutique’ solution.

Please click on Our Jurisdictions to find out more about the services that are offered in each of our offices around the world.

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