Professional Corporate Trust Services from Law Debenture

Capital market and bespoke trust solutions

Law Debenture has an unrivalled combination of independence, expertise, experience, longevity, flexibility and innovation.


Law Debenture is the UK’s leading independent corporate trustee. We are at the forefront of financial innovation in the international capital markets.

Law Debenture is also much more than a capital markets trustee and is involved in a huge range of capital markets, corporate finance and other financial transactions, including:

  • International bond issues (including high yield bonds) and medium-term note programmes
  • Securitisation, repackaging programmes and international project finance transactions
  • Bespoke arrangements to facilitate regulatory compliance or mergers and acquisitions; to hold and exercise special voting rights in complex mergers
  • Social housing where we act as bond trustee, security trustee and (where investors have bespoke requirements) noteholder representative.

Unmatched Expertise and Independence

We bring a highly professional and innovative approach to our work. Our independence means that we do not have any financial or other involvement with a borrower which might cause a conflict of interest to arise.

With unrivalled experience and unmatched market-tested expertise we are there at the outset to work on new and innovative structures and once they are in place to remain for as long as required.

If things go wrong, as unfortunately sometimes happens, we are there. We are highly responsive and can make decisions quickly, due to our straightforward business model (which does not require approval from multiple layers of senior management). We act not only on transactions where we were trustee from the outset but also as a delegated or successor trustee where the original trustee is no longer able to act.

We act as trustee under English, Jersey, Hong Kong and Irish law, delegate trustee on Islamic finance transactions and as common representative under Portuguese law and will hold security under local law in jurisdictions worldwide.

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