Social Housing

Law Debenture acts as bond trustee and/or security trustee in relation to the funding requirements of a wide range of housing associations / registered providers throughout the UK and is appointed in relation to a number of large scale voluntary transfers.

How can using the Corporate Trust team at Law Debenture benefit you?

  • we have a dedicated social housing team which can offer flexibility, knowledge and speedy response times;
  • we are highly experienced at looking after the day to day requirements of clients holding substantial property portfolios;
  • we have close working relationships with all of the major law firms in the sector;
  • we are able to offer bespoke solutions to those investors who prefer to outsource certain aspects of the compliance monitoring in relation to the borrower;
  • we regularly handle large-scale charging, release and re-designation exercises;
  • we can offer valuable input to all parties due to our breadth of knowledge across social housing and trust documentation; and
  • we have a sophisticated property database and are also AssetCore enabled.

Our experience includes holding security for the benefit of single and multiple lenders in a manner that can accommodate changes in lenders and their respective individual loan limits as well as pooled and segregated security packages.


The following provides a flavour of the clients we act for in the social housing sector:

Client Security Trustee Bond Trustee
Affordable Housing Finance
Hyde Housing  ✔
London and Quadrant  
Quadrant Housing Finance    ✔
The Housing Finance Corporation  
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