Law Debenture provides a timely, flexible and independent service

We are undertaking an increasing amount of work in the area of corporate finance, building upon our status as a non-conflicted entity to take on third party roles in complex corporate transactions; particularly acting as an escrow agent holding cash, documents, shares (or other assets) in escrow.

Our expertise ranges from escrows involving considerable sums of money through to smaller escrows and there is no minimum size for the quantum of funds to be held in an escrow account.

Standard form documentation may be downloaded after completing the application form.

Further Information

We will be happy to provide pricing information and details of identification requirements upon application.

We work on transactions for a wide range of public and private companies and are also happy to consider bespoke arrangements.

Please Contact Us for any additional information and to find out more about the services which we are able to provide. 

Additionally, Law Debenture is able to act as escrow agent through its overseas jurisdictions.

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