Facility Agent/Loan Administration

Law Debenture offer Facility Agent and Loan Administration services on the full suite of loans. These may be public or private, rated or non-rated and include among others, syndicated loans, bi-lateral loans, club loans and direct lending.

Activities included in the role are: 

  • Initial KYC on borrower and lender(s). We take pride in offering an extremely quick and efficient process regarding KYC/AML
  • The setting up of all necessary bank accounts. These are likely to be ready immediately, saving weeks on the usual process dealing directly with the banks
  • Maintenance of the register of lenders throughout the life of the loan
  • Calculation of interest, with rate-set notices sent to borrower and lender(s) as necessary
  • Payments of principal from lender(s) to borrower on closing, and from borrower to lender(s) during the life of the loan and/or on maturity, by our dedicated banking team
  • Payments of interest from borrower to lender(s) throughout the life of the loan
  • Processing any transfers of holding throughout the life of the loan, including all relevant payments, documentation and updating of the register
  • Acting on behalf of the lender(s) with regards any communication with the borrower, if necessary
  • Ensuring all withholding tax compliance is up to date, if necessary
  • Processing of any waivers that may occur during the life of the loan, including review of the documentation and execution.

The benefits of having a truly independent party from the borrower and lender(s) to administer the loan are becoming increasingly important. As a result, Law Debenture is able to provide Facility Agent services on new deals, and to act as successor Facility Agent on existing transactions.

Our independence means that we will not have any involvement, financial or otherwise, with any borrower or lender which may cause a conflict of interest to occur.

We are also able to work in most jurisdictions, without numerous levels of management required to approve new business. As such, we are highly responsive and can make decisions very quickly.

Please contact any of the following to find out how we can help you with your needs:


Richard Lynn
+44 (0) 207 696 5930

Eliot Solarz
+44 (0) 207 696 5205

Richard Rance
+44 (0) 207 696 5239
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