Facilitating Governance and Board Evaluations

Evaluating the Board

We offer an advisory service on corporate governance, including carrying out external board evaluations.  Our services factor in the requirements of international and national corporate governance codes. 

We take into account the requirements and perspectives of the major industry regulators and larger investors; as well as emphasising the need to work with the chairman and directors to ensure the needs of the individual boards are met.

Specialist Services

We have tailored our services to different industry sectors:  

  • Financial institutions
  • Investment trust companies 
  • Government and statutory bodies and charities 
  • Companies in private ownership.  

We use a range of proprietary questionnaires that meet the requirements of many different organisations and business environments.  Some of these can be used for automated self- assessment by boards and committees at all levels.

Workshops and Director Training

Our BEGOV forums and workshops attract a diverse and senior group of directors and board advisers. The topics offered cover a wide range of material, from general interest to more specific themes.  

Please contact us for further details of our board training and development services.

Thanks for hosting this important debate…. I attend many NED briefings and debates on related topics, but unique for your event was the mix of job roles and perspectives that created debate and learning around a topic…  Please keep me on your mailing list for future events as I am most interested to attend. 


- NED and board adviser


Congratulations on a very successful breakfast seminar, which was well attended and generated a lively debate – well done. 


- CEO Trade Association

Click here for our Governance and Board Effectiveness brochure and for details of our best practice framework: The Performing Board

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