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Law Debenture Pension Trustees is the longest established and largest provider of Independent Pension Trustees in the UK

Introducing Law Debenture Pension Trustees

As well as working with some of the largest and most complex pension arrangements in the country, we also work with more than 100 schemes that each has less than 500 members. There is no minimum size to the schemes. Our smallest scheme is £1.5 million.

LawDeb Pension Trustees is the longest established and largest provider of Independent Pension Trustees in the United Kingdom.

Our clients’ pension schemes have nearly 3 million members with over £350 billion in assets invested on their behalf.

A growing part of our work is focussed on DC schemes, including participation in the independent governance committees of the providers of workplace personal pensions.  Our sole independent trustee service is also growing. 

We can assist in a wide range of ways, including acting as Chair, board member, committee member or Sole Trustee. We are also happy to be appointed to help with a particular project or issue.

We quickly get to know and work with the trustee body of a client, supporting and developing its work in a common sense manner.

We seek a consensual and harmonious atmosphere, always regarding effective and appropriate decision making as paramount. We welcome and act on client feedback as it is fundamental to our practice.

Above all we provide an extremely professional service of very high quality.  We supply credible, capable and commercial support for pension schemes and their trustee boards. This includes highly developed investment expertise, as we recognise the financial significance of schemes to their members and sponsoring employers.

Our Trustee Directors are all fully committed to pension trustee work. Our team is based and works together in a single office location. This means that we can actively collaborate on the whole range of technical and client specific matters, ensuring that each client benefits from our collective knowledge and experience to receive pragmatic, timely and cost effective input.  Our directors do not work on an agency or commission basis, and we believe that this encourages sharing and collaboration.

Our Trustee Directors are senior professionals with a high level of commercial know-how. Together we have more than 500 years’ professional experience in pensions and investments.

Our Essentials publications are widely read and used. These practical guides and commentaries distil our unrivalled experience and promote best practice in areas such as governance, investment, risk and working with advisers.

LawDeb Pension Trustees is the trading name of The Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation p.l.c., a trust corporation with a paid-up share capital of £5 million. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Law Debenture Corporation p.l.c. which was set up over a hundred years ago and is an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might best help in any situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us or any of our team.

The Law Debenture Pension Trust Corporation p.l.c. is registered in England at Fifth Floor, 100 Wood Street, London, EC2V 7EX; company number 3267461

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