Trust and Escrow Banking

A dedicated team whose role is a key component of many of the trust and escrow services that we provide

Working closely with the Corporate Trust department, Law Debenture’s experienced Trust and Escrow Banking team provides banking-based services that form part of a trust or escrow appointment.

The sums of money involved, in different currencies, can be very considerable, necessitating efficient and timely execution at all times whilst working effectively with the banks appointed by us that meet our rating criteria.

Bespoke arrangements can be organised to suit individual requirements and whilst not confined to the following list, such roles are likely to include:

  • Escrow agent
  • Security trusts
  • Operating collateral bank accounts
  • Receiving payments
  • Making payments to third parties
  • Making payments of interest and principal to lenders and other specified parties under the terms of secured loan agreements and project/infrastructure financings
  • Distribution trusts; normally pursuant to Schemes of Arrangement, where we can hold cash, shares, bonds and other assets pending distribution to creditors following the satisfaction of specified conditions.
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