Whistleblowing Hotline Services from Safecall

Law Debenture provides one of Europe's leading Whistleblowing or Speak Up lines through its innovative service, Safecall

The introduction of legislation in the UK and US to address bribery, fraud and other corporate wrongdoing makes it essential for companies to have effective “Whistleblowing” or “Speak Up” procedures in place.  

This has seen an increase in demand for 24 hour, independent, outsourced, whistleblowing services to operate, on a worldwide basis, alongside traditional internal reporting channels.

FTSE 100 and 250

Safecall successfully handles such requirements for a large number of UK FTSE 100 & 250 companies and other private and public organisations.

The quality and background of those we employ, to engage with your employees and take reports, enables us to provide an outstanding level of service to our customers.  

Safecall provides peace of mind to board members and investors. 

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