Corporate Services

Why LawDeb?

We are experts in incorporating and managing special purpose vehicles (SPVs)—also referred to as special purpose entities (SPEs)—on behalf of clients both large and small based all over the world.

We can provide bespoke services to a diverse range of capital markets, corporate finance and securitisation transactions as well as dealing with corporate businesses and investment trusts, be they stock exchange listed or private.

Our highly qualified and respected team have built up a wealth of practical experience working with businesses across a wide spectrum including banking, healthcare, property, social housing, mining and recycling to name a few.

We are not owned by a bank or linked to another financial institution. Our unique corporate structure and independence allows us to act swiftly, even when undertaking the most innovative or unusual transactions.

Our Corporate Services key contacts

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Mark Filer


United Kingdom

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Ronan Reilly

Managing Director