Bond Trustee & Security Trustee

“Law Debenture has a large and exceptionally experienced team and is known to add real value for their clients by being extremely responsive and flexible and coming up with innovative and pragmatic solutions when clients are faced with commercially challenging situations”

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Bond Trustee

Appointed by the Issuer, a Bond Trustee ensures the interests of bondholders are represented, facilitating communication between the Issuer and its bondholders.

We have a vastly experienced and dedicated team who have a deep knowledge of the responsibilities and duties required of the role. We become involved during the life of a transaction, if waivers, amendments or other restructuring is required, and can where appropriate, exercise discretion to matters on the Bondholders’ behalf, providing an efficient process for the Issuer. In situations where this is not appropriate, we also support the decision-making process by convening or participating in bondholder meetings.

As legal creditor of the issuer, we perform a crucial role on the occurrence of an event of default—making relevant claims, participating in legal proceedings and helping to keep parties informed.

Security Trustee

An impartial interface between borrowers and multiple creditors, an independent security trustee acts as the sole holder of security for the benefit of the secured creditors or particular groups of them.

Security trustees are appointed in structures such as secured loans and structured finance transactions, where the benefit of the security is held on behalf of a group of creditors. If required, the security trustee will take action to enforce the security and distribute the proceeds of enforcement to those contractually entitled to it.

We possess an enviable breadth and depth of experience in support of the following structures:

  • Securitisation and structured financings, including repacks
  • Secured note issuances
  • High yield and emerging markets bonds
  • Loan participation notes
  • Mortgage debenture stock
  • Acquisition finance
  • Infrastructure finance
  • Real estate finance
  • Social housing finance
  • Delegate or successor trusteeships

Dedicated social housing team

LawDeb acts as bond trustee and security trustee for a wide range of housing associations and registered providers throughout the UK. We are appointed in relation to many large-scale voluntary transfers and regularly handle major charging, release and re-designation exercises.

We have close working relationships with all of the major law firms and advisers in the sector and can offer bespoke solutions to investors who prefer to outsource certain aspects of the compliance monitoring concerning the borrower.

Download our social housing brochure here.

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Please contact us to discuss your escrow and treasury requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your escrow and treasury requirements.

How can we help?

Alternatively, get in touch with any of our team:

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