Law Debenture Investment Trust

Our objective is to achieve long-term capital growth in real terms and steadily increasing income.

Significant, consistent income contribution from our Independent Professional Services business gives greater flexibility in stock selection.

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LawDeb Independent Professional Services

Our objective is help businesses to operate efficiently and achieve their long-term strategic objectives.

We deliver trusted, independent expertise to businesses of all types requiring governance and transaction services.

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Investment Trust Highlights

In 2022 Law Debenture won three industry awards:

  • Best Investment Trust for Income in the 2022 Shares Awards
  • Best UK Equity – Active category in the AJ Bell Fund and Investment Awards 2022
  • UK Equity Income Investment Trust of the Year at Investment Week’s Investment Company of the Year Awards 2022

Hear from LawDeb CEO Denis Jackson and Portfolio Manager Laura Foll about the strategy driving this success.

LawDeb: Supporting Lawyers in Private Practice

We support lawyers and their clients with everything from Corporate Secretarial Services, including:

Entity Management; Escrow and Paying Agency; Service of Process; Whistleblowing services, including our hotline, training and investigations offering, through to Pension scheme trusteeship and governance.

A unique combination of FTSE-listed, award winning UK Income Investment Trust and  leading provider of Independent Professional Services, we have the infrastructure, resources and can-do culture that delivers bespoke solutions in a nimble way.

We deliver peace of mind to you and your clients, freeing up your time and supporting your wider practice(s).

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