Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and Regulatory Obligations

The Corporation is required to comply with, among other regulations and rules, the Companies Act 2006, the UK Listing Authority Rules (including Disclosure and Transparency Rules and Prospectus Rules), the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive ("AIFMD") and the UK Corporate Governance Code.

There are certain obligations on all listed companies to include on their websites data and other material. Certain of that material appears at other pages on our site (for example, material relating to annual general meetings appears under ‘Investor Information’, material relating to financial reporting appears under ‘Financial Statements’ etc).

Within these Corporate Governance pages, we include documents that we are obliged (or have chosen) to disclose. This might be described as ‘standing data’, as the detail does not change regularly.

The Corporation takes its corporate governance and regulatory obligations extremely seriously and strives wherever possible to meet the highest standards of best corporate governance practice, accepting that as an investment trust, certain of the obligations on listed firms are not directly relevant.


Any questions about the Corporation’s compliance with its statutory and regulatory obligations should be addressed to:

Ian Bowden, Head, Company Secretariat on 020 7696 5285 or

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