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Briefing note: New Companies Registration Office requirement for PPS numbers

Requirements for directors without a PPS number

Any Irish Resident Director without a PPS number should make an application to www.mywelfare.ie to be issued with a PPS number.

If an RBO Transaction number was issued to a director for the purpose of filings with the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies (the “RBO”), the RBO number will automatically be reclassified as a VIF by the CRO in the coming weeks and it will not be necessary to obtain and provide a separate number in such cases.

If a director is not eligible for an Irish PPS number and was not previously issued with a RBO number they will be required to apply for an Verified Identity Number, by means of a Form VIF which is available on the CRO CORE system. VIF Form - Declaration as to verification of Identity (cro.ie). The VIF contains the name, date of birth, nationality and address of the person. The company director must solemnly declare this information to be correct and true and have this Declaration verified, witnessed and signed. Once completed and signed by the Declarant (the director) and Witness (usually a Notary Public) the form VIF should be uploaded in the CRO Portal. Please note that as the VIF is a Declaration verifying a person’s identity, digital or electronic signature cannot be accepted on the VIF. 

If you are a LawDeb client your usual company secretarial contact will reach out directly to advise what is required to be done in all applicable cases.  Alternatively, please contact cosecdub@lawdebenture.com for further assistance.

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