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Rothesay agrees to 236m full scheme buy in for Signet

At LawDeb our goal is deliver value and security to pension scheme members. We are therefore delighted to have worked with our sponsoring employer to secure the pension benefits for all our members with Rothesay. As a purpose-built insurer, Rothesay is an attractive partner for us to ensure our obligations are met and pension benefits provided in full. This is a great outcome for our members and has resulted from a really positive and successful collaboration between all those involved.

Alan Baker, Chair of the Trustee representing LawDeb

“The transition from quotation to signing in such an efficient time frame is a testament to the ambition, organisation and dynamism of the Scheme Trustees and its advisers. In a busy market our sophisticated risk and pricing systems allow us to transact at speed and offer schemes and sponsors the certainty they need to protect their members’ pensions.”

Tom Seecharan, Business Development at Rothesay

“We worked closely with the Scheme and trustee to ensure we were ready to transact when the Scheme funding level and market conditions were favourable. In this case, support from the sponsoring employer, combined with the co-operation between parties, ensured the process was completed efficiently, achieving long-term security for all members.”

David Ellis from Mercer