Lynne Rawcliffe

Professional Trustee

Lynne joined LawDeb in 2022, with over twenty years’ experience in the pensions industry. She balances strong technical and legal knowledge with leadership, communication and change management skills, having worked with a range of different stakeholders and in different roles herself.

Lynne quickly made an impact as a trustee and represents LawDeb on six schemes ranging in size from c£9m to c£2.5bn; these include DB, DC and Hybrid benefit structures. Lynne acts in varying capacities with her schemes from Chair or Co-Trustee to leading where LawDeb is the Corporate Sole Trustee.

She has successfully supported a number of buy-in transactions and is co-chair of LawDeb’s internal Buy-in and Buy-out Group. Lynne has experience on all stages of the journey to buy-in from funding and investment matters to benefit and data preparation. Recently, Lynne has also been instrumental in helping one of her schemes complete GMP equalisation and continues to support their journey to buy-out. She has also supported several of her schemes with improving the governance and cost efficiencies of Scheme management, helped by her background in both pensions management and as a consultant. Lynne is a Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute and a part qualified actuary.

Prior to joining LawDeb, as an in-house pensions manager, she supported large hybrid pension schemes and chaired an Internal Governance Committee monitoring the selected Master Trust. She worked closely with colleagues to manage all pension arrangements, including employee communications and developments in the Master Trust offering. She also led both corporate and trustee projects and gained a strong member focus. Lynne is proud that she steered the BASF scheme to win the Professional Pensions DC Scheme of the Year in 2016 as scheme pension manager.

In her spare time Lynne enjoys playing netball, running and wine tasting!