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Corporate Trust

We act as corporate trustee under Hong Kong, English, New York and Jersey Law.

A vast majority of our appointments as trustee require us to hold an extensive range of security, shares or other assets governed; in each case by local law in locations all over the world.

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Employee Share Scheme

Awarding shares to senior employees and directors is frequently a very important part of the overall remuneration package and can be very important in terms of incentivising and retaining key staff.

At LawDeb we are experts in setting up and managing share award schemes for public companies, from initial documentation (Rules of the Scheme, Trust Deed, etc.), through to managing the mechanics of shares awards, such as: purchasing shares to be put in trust; managing dividends and scrip distributions and the allotment of shares to the nominated beneficiaries during the vesting period (usually over a period of several years).  We are well versed in trust law and can tailor the scheme to meet the needs of the employer and the employees.

LawDeb has many years of invaluable experience setting up Share Award Schemes.

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Escrow Services

LawDeb provides an array of specialist escrow services and is able to act as escrow agent through its offices in Hong Kong, London and Jersey.

Escrow requirements most frequently arise in M&A situations where the transaction consideration or retention monies, need to be held by an independent and completely trustworthy third party. The escrow agent will ensure that such monies are not released until specific pre-identified conditions have been fulfilled.

LawDeb manages documentary escrow situations, frequently involving shares, share transfers and share options. We also hold proprietary IT software or intellectual property pending patent or license approvals.

We have standard documents for efficient and timely execution of escrow arrangements and are completely familiar with relevant AML regulations and KYC procedures.

Escrows can range from simple to more complex, but here at LawDeb, we are happy to tailor an escrow solution to meet your needs.

We would be delighted to talk through the nature of your requirements and provide a quotation upon request.

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Process Agent

LawDeb can act as your agent for service of process or registered agent.  On behalf of one or more parties, we can act as an independent party to receive notices under contracts where this is required.

We also offer the following services:

  • Arbitration Agent
  • Notice Agent

To hire process agent services from our Hong Kong office, just complete the form below or call us on +852 2234 9349.

Facility Agent

LawDeb acts as Facility Agent in syndicated and club loan arrangements, notably in secured, structured and more complex transactions.

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LawDeb provides one of Europe's leading "Whistleblowing" services, Safecall. 

To find out more visit www.safecall.co.uk

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