Jane Beverley


Jane Beverley joined LawDeb in 2019, having previously been Head of Research at XPS Pensions Group. Given her background, Jane brings a wealth of in-depth pensions knowledge and experience to her work as a professional trustee. She is a qualified actuary and an Accredited Member of the Association of Professional Trustees.

Jane represents LawDeb on a number of schemes, ranging from a £12bn DB scheme (where she chairs the Benefits Committee) to a sole corporate trustee appointment on a £20m scheme on the path to wind-up. In particular, she has been working on a number of technically demanding projects, including GMP equalisation and conversion, buy-in, wind-up and a PPF+ case, helping to guide schemes through complex decisions. Jane also has a portfolio of executive top-up arrangements.

Outside her trustee work, Jane is Secretary to the Pensions Committee of the 100 Group. She has participated in a number of industry committees over the years, and is a former chair of the ACA (Association of Consulting Actuaries) Pension Schemes Committee. She now represents LawDeb on the PASA GMP Equalisation Communications Sub-Group and the PLSA Central London Group.

Jane’s focus is on using her pensions technical knowledge to work with fellow trustees, advisers and corporate sponsors to achieve better outcomes for members.

What people say:

“We were delighted to have Jane join the YCB GMP and Audit and Risk Sub-Committees. Her knowledge of the finer detail of the GMP equalisation regulatory framework has helped us in developing a robust and practical approach to GMP conversion. At the same time, her wider industry connections have enabled us to benchmark our experiences against those of other schemes. She brings strong governance capabilities and a practical and collaborative approach to working with fellow trustees and advisers. Jane’s personality and approach has allowed her to integrate into our existing arrangements seamlessly.”

Stuart Stephen - Pension Strategy Manager, Yorkshire and Clydesdale Bank

“Jane is the consummate professional who brings a wealth of experience to her role. Her close attention to detail combined with her experience of working with advisers and in-house experts and her unfailing delivery against what she’s said she will do, only add to her credentials.”

Alan Stewart - Former Chair of 100 Group Pensions Committee and Former CFO Tesco plc