Buy-in and buy-out market seminar

30 June 2014

A seminar covering the buy-in and buy-out market was recently co-hosted with LCP with the aim of providing the latest insights into the market.

Speaking to an invited audience of sponsors of pension schemes, pension trustees and consultants, Michael Chatterton gave his perspective of the market on behalf of LawDeb Pension Trustees.  His recent experience of a number of buy-ins conducted by clients include the largest-ever bulk annuity purchase in the UK pensions market by ICI Pension Fund and, for another of our clients, the largest medically underwritten buy-in to date.

Michael shared his learning from his recent experience to help highlight the key issues from the trustee point-of-view.

Clive Wellsteed from LCP set the scene in his introductory session and Tim Coulson from Just Retirement provided an insurer’s perspective.

The audience’s feedback was positive with people commenting that the examples used to demonstrate his experience were “very useful to help understanding”.



Click here to access the full presentation.

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