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An evening to recognise Andrew Parker

In early 2013 a LawDeb colleague said to me ‘someone I know from a scheme trustee board might be interested in joining us, and we absolutely must seize the opportunity.’ Upon meeting Andrew this recommendation was borne out by me and the rest of the LawDeb team. Now, six years later I am pleased to say that first impression was spot on and it has been a personal pleasure to work with Andrew, and not only a personal pleasure, it has also been to our professional profit. His retirement has come around far too quickly for many of us, but we are thankful that, instead of realising what we had only when it is gone, in Andrew’s case we knew what we had from day one. We have appreciated and enjoyed every day since, and we shall miss his daily presence with us.

Mark Ashworth, Chairman - LawDeb Pension Trustees
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