Kristian Barclay

Treasury Manager

Kristian joined Law Debenture in 2006 as a Treasury Manager.

Kristian has worked on a wide variety of arrangements such as securitisations, escrows, employee share option schemes, cash management, project finance transactions and other trust arrangements in the capacity of trustee, facility agent, escrow agent, administrator and cash manager. Kristian is also involved in monitoring credit ratings and he has had exposure to foreign exchange, equity and money market transactions.

Previous position - Camelot Group plc, operator of the National Lottery - Group Treasury Analyst

Kristian joined Camelot Group in 1999 covering all aspects of their Treasury functions including the managing and distribution of weekly and annual cash flow forecasting, preparation and presentation of performance reports and management of all Treasury compliance and auditing.
Kristian's responsibilities included advising on the amendments required to existing frameworks to allow for the launch of the pan-European game EuroMillions and he was involved in setting up Trust reporting and payment responsibilities, procedures and processes to facilitate the launch of the South African lottery.