The Sole Trustee, a service from Law Debenture

LawDeb Pension Trustees is happy to act as a sole trustee of a pension scheme. A sole trustee sits in the place of a traditional trustee board.

Many employers sponsoring pension schemes are deciding that appointing a sole trustee is an effective and efficient solution to the challenges they face.

There are various reasons for appointing an independent trustee.  These include:

  • Difficulty in filling trustee posts
  • Seeking to improve scheme governance
  • Containing costs
  • Limited managerial time
  • Avoiding conflict and conflicted interests
  • Ever increasing legal, tax and regulatory complexity

As the sole trustee of a scheme, LawDeb Pension Trustees will take responsibility for its management and operation, drawing on its unrivalled experience.

This gives the former/retiring trustees peace of mind which comes from appointing a highly professional, independent and efficient sole trustee. All stakeholders can be confident that LawDeb Pension Trustees will take all the decisions and co-ordinate all of the actions needed to manage the pension scheme fairly and effectively.

A key feature of this solution for employers is that the sole trustee becomes the trusted point of contact for all the aspects of the pension scheme.  Regular open dialogue with the scheme sponsor is paramount.  We will also work with the pension scheme’s advisors to get the best from them in a cost-effective way.  Our approach to members is to be accessible and open. LawDeb Pension Trustees acts independently, but collaboratively in navigating the complexity of pension scheme issues.  

LawDeb Pension Trustees regularly reviews the development and progress of each sole trustee client against their specific business or journey plan. This involves a number of our experienced Trustee Directors and supporting staff to ensure that we deploy the appropriate level of knowledge, experience and challenge.

For more information please contact us, or any member of our team.

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